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How to Stress your Students out the First Day of Math Class

First Day of Middle School Math

Stress out Your Students on the First Day of Middle School Math Class
1) Give your students a test
You want to know what your students know and what they don't know.  What better way to assess their understanding than a test.  Better yet, you can hand them a test right when they walk in the door.  Tell them where to sit, and tell them to work on the test the entire period.  This way you can look at the tests later and better plan what you need to review with your students.

2) Be super strict and NEVER crack a smile
You want your students to respect you, right?  Well, you better let them know that you are in charge.  If your students see any weakness in you, especially the first day, they will take advantage of you the rest of the year.  Be stern, be strict, lay down the law, and most importantly NEVER crack a smile. 

3) Make your students feel like failures
Give your students some really hard math problems the first day.  Tell them that their understanding of these problems will go on their grade. Better yet, put them into groups and let them talk about these math problems.  Those students who are afraid of math will feel so stressed out, they will feel like they failed on the very first day. 

These are great tips to make sure your math students feel super stressed out on the first day.

Have a Great First Day of Middle School Math
I hope you caught my sarcasm in this post.  Many students are afraid of their new math class before they even walk in the door.  Love them, respect them, make them feel like winners and that they can be successful.  Be careful with giving  pre-tests the first day....or even the first week.  Once the relationship between your students and you is more solid, and routines are in place, pre-tests can be given.

Thank you for having courage to teach math.  May you have a great year!

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First Day of Middle School Math

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