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How to Teach Effectively During Holidays

Middle School Math Teaching During Holidays

I know I'm not the only one who wishes all school was cancelled on Halloween and the day after Halloween. So much excitement in the air and so much sugar in their bodies, makes it hard to teach.  I want to share some tips that have worked for me to effectively teach during the holidays.

1) Routine

Keeping your routine is the most effective strategy to having a successful day during an exciting time of year.  Start class the same way you always start class.  Transition from activities the same way you always transition. End class the same way you always end class.  Keep your routine, and the students will be more likely to keep their routine.   

2) Keep Your Expectations

Acknowledge the excitement of your students, but let them know that you expect the same behavior as any other day.  Don't budge on classroom management. I love the idea of "work hard then play hard."  I would often take the time to teach this to my students, and reinforce this concept on days when they especially needed it.  

3) Fun and Engaging Activities

Even middle school students love to do fun holiday activities.  I think it's ok to do holiday activities, but it is important to keep them standards based. You definitely don't want to waste a day of teaching, but you can be creative and teach the standards while recognizing the holiday. 

Middle School Math Holiday Activities

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Teaching Secondary Math During the Holidays

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