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Fun Practice for Graphing Linear Equations

Fun Way to Practice Graphing Linear Equations

Graphing Linear Equations you have taught them slope, and y-intercept, slope intercept form, standard form, point-slope form and all the things about linear equations.  Your students have all the information they need, but they need independent practice.  You could always give them 15 equations straight from the textbook ...or you could give them something fun and engaging.   This was why I created graphing art. 

Graphing Art

When I was full-time in the the classroom, I kept looking and looking for something like this, but I never could find what I was looking for. So I created my own...and the kids loved it.  At the time, I wish I had time to create more, but they were very time-consuming to create so I couldn't.  

Now that I am on a break from teaching, this was one of the first things I wanted to create.  Fun pictures that were made from a graph of a linear equation. After I created one, I realized it definitely needed color.  I also realized I could incorporate one more math skill of finding composite area to apply color. 
Graphing Linear Equations Activity

Students are given an equation of a line written in slope-intercept form.  They then graph the straight line segment with the given end points.  As they continue through the various equations they will gradually be forming a picture.  They then color the picture given the area of the composite figures.

Grading at a Glance

One last thing, can we mention that grading these pictures is an absolute breeze.  SO much easier than trying to grade 15 individual graphs by students from a textbook.  These literally take a glance to check for the correct answers.

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And, YES! an answer key is included. I'm here to make your life easier, not harder.

These work great with 8th grade or Algebra students, but if your students are learning about graphing linear equations or if your high school students need a review,  then these fun activities are a great way to get them engaged. 

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Fun Graphing Linear Equations Activity Worksheet

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