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Standards Based Grading Assessments

Standards-Based Grading in Middle School Math

Standards-Based Grading

Standards-based grading or competency-based grading measures students’ progress relative to the learning standard. Teachers are given standards that they are required to teach.  Many schools and states use the common core, or something similar, if you are in Texas you may use TEKS.  


There are many benefits to standards-based grading. 

Promotes a growth mindset

Clear communication

Meaningful grades

Based on evidence


Standards-Based Assessments

An effective way to do standards-based grading is by using standards-based assessments. A standards-based assessment can be a small assessment based on a specific standard. If a student passes the assessment, then you have evidence that they understand the standard. If a student does not pass, they can take the assessment again after some intervention. You can either give them the exact same assessment or edit the questions so the content is the same, but the answers will be different. Then you can put their assessments into their portfolios as evidence for meeting the standards.


A drawback to standards-based grading, is that it can be more work for the teachers.  However, if you have all the assessments ready before hand, and the answer key, then this will lessen the workload for the teacher.


That is why I created these standard-based assessments, to support standards-based grading in the classroom without extra work for the teachers.

Aligned to common core standards

Covers all the standards



Read what some happy buyers are saying:

"I am so thankful to have come across these! Well done and saves me a lot of time!" - 7th grade math assessments


"I am so glad I purchased this resource! The items included in this will be perfect to check for IEP goals and make sure my kiddos are reaching proficiency in particular standards as well as to check in for retention. Thanks for creating this product!" - 7th grade math assessments


 "LOVE that they are broken down by standard." -8th grade math assessments


"These assessments are ideal as portfolio components for those students who are not passing to prove mastery of the essential course skills. The assessments are well-done and cover the standards nicely. Thank you for a wonderful resource." -8th grade math assessments

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Standards-Based Grading Middle School Math
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