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Implementing Stations in Middle School Math

How to implement stations in middle school math

How to Implement Stations in Middle School Math

Stations in middle school math are an effective way to engage your students. Here are 7 tips to implement stations in your classroom.

1. Plan the learning objective

        Decide on what you want your students to learn or review with the stations. Write the learning objective on the board. 

2. Plan the stations

        Plan activities that you want your students to do at each station.  These activities should support your learning objective and meet different learning styles of your students.  If you don't want to make your own stations, then check out the links at the end of this article. 

3. Set up the stations

        Assign a specific area in your classroom for each station.  Each station should include clear instructions. You could laminate the instructions to be used year after year.

4. Introduce the stations

        Explain each station, and give your students a clear understanding of the expectations of each activity.

5. Rotate the groups

        Create groups and assign each group a station to start at.  Clearly explain how the groups will rotate around the classroom.Have a set amount of time for each station. Set a timer and have students rotate when the timer is up.

6. Monitor and assess

       Walk around the classroom as students are completing their stations. Take note of their level of understanding.

7. Debrief and discuss

        After the stations are completed, bring the class together for a discussion of what they learned. I always have them write in their journals key concepts that were reviewed or taught during the stations. 

Check out these stations that are ready to go for your middle school math classroom.

Number Systems

Expressions & Equations

Proportional Relationships

Functions & Graphing


Probability & Statistics

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