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How to Combat Math Anxiety

Math Anxiety.

If you teach math, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Many students battle with the belief that everyone can learn math, including them. 

This belief often fuels math anxiety and apathy.  Help your students combat math anxiety with the math success cycle.

Positive Self-Talk about Math

Engaging positive self-talk about math plays a vital role in building math confidence. When students have a positive internal dialogue about math they confirm their ability to understand math and their potential for success.

Math Confidence

When students have confidence in their math abilities they have a firm belief that they can and will understand the material.  This promotoes a growth mindset and math grit.

Math Grit

Math grit is the perseverance in understanding math, making and learning from mistakes, and not giving up.  Students with math grit continue to practice, learn, and understand. Math grit leads to success in mathematics. 

Math Success

Math success comes from persevering in math and never giving up in efforts to understand.  

Share the math success cycle with your students.  Grab this FREE Math Success Poster for your classroom, or print it as a handout for your students.


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