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Fun and Engaging Middle School Math Activities

Middle School Math Activities

Middle School Math Activities for 7th Grade Math & 8th Grade Math

Middle school math is a critical year for math education, where algebra, geometry, and statistics take center stage. While diving deep into the content is important, supplementing math lessons with fun math activities is a great way to enhance the learning experience and improve their math skills.

Look at the benefits of supplementing your curriculum with fun math activities.

1. Boosts Engagement

Using fun activities makes learning enjoyable. You can motivate even your least engaged learner with the right can of activity.  As students are engaged in fun math activities they practice different math concepts and are creative in their approach. Students love anything that makes math fun.

2. Enhances Critical Thinking

Board games, card games, puzzles, scavenger hunts, hands-on activities, and math projects are a fun way to stimulate critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Your students will often think outside the box, discover a new way to do the math, and develop their problem solving skills.

3. Encourages a Growth Mindset

Engaging in math activities teaches students that mistakes are part of learning and persistance leads to improvement. As math teachers, remember to give your students enough time to make mistakes and to learn from their mistakes. Watching your students understand after continual persistance is the best part of teaching.

4. Collaboration

Many activities involve teamwork and promote math talk, cooperation and learning from each other while practicing math skills.  Your middle schoolers can work in small groups and talk about their discoveries and different ways to do the math problems.

5. Personalized Learning

With the right activities you can reach all types of learners and tailor the fun activity to all levels of learners. Activities can easily be differentiable by having students' justify their answers, using manipulatives, and allowing collaboration.

Fun supplemental math activities for your middle school students offer numerous benefits  and should be incorporated in your middle school math classes.

Do you need a great activity to supplement your lesson plans? We've got you covered for grade levels 7th and 8th.

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7th Grade Math Activities
8th Grade Math Activities

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