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4 Ways to use Anchor Charts in Middle School Math

4 ways to use anchor charts in middle school math

Using Anchor Charts in the Middle School Math Classroom

Anchor charts are one of the best tools to use in your middle school math classroom.

Anchor charts are visuals that summarize key concepts, visual models, strategies and problem-solving techniques.

Anchor charts are key to helping students activate prior knowledge.

Check out the different ways to use anchor charts in your math classroom. 


math anchor charts as posters
Posters hung up around your classroom act as a great visual aid when teaching a math lesson. If you like to hang these on your wall you can either print out one per page and place on a bulletin board, or if you are looking to make bigger posters, then you can make a poster using 4 pages to make one poster.

Another alternative is going to a local print shop and having them create some magical posters to use in your classroom.  Laminating the posters will help them last longer, though definitely not required. 

Interactive Notebooks

math anchor charts in interactive notebooks

Do you use interactive notebooks in your classroom?  If you used the bounded journals, the pages are a little smaller than 8.5 x 11.  

I like to print my anchor charts to either 2 or 4 to a page. Cut up and hand your students to glue in their notebooks. 

They can also add little notes around the anchor chart.  

You can mark the page with a little tab so your students can quickly refer to the anchor chart.

Little Rings

math anchor charts on little rings

I think printing 4 to a page is the perfect size to make these little rings.  You can make a few to either keep in your classroom, or have each students make their own ring that they can easily add on to. 


math anchor charts in notebooks and binders

Do you use 3-ring binders in your classroom?

Simply print out your anchor charts one per page, 3-hole punch, and have your students and it to their binders.  You can also add little tabs or have the students number the anchor charts and create a table of contents for quick reference.

Grab some Middle School Math Anchor Charts to use in your classroom today!

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