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5 Benefits of Algebra Tiles in Middle School Math

Benefits of Algebra Tiles in Middle School Math

Five Benefits of Using Algebra Tiles in your Middle School Math Classroom

Middle school math algebra concepts are foundational for success in higher mathematics. Students need a solid foundation of expressions and equations to be successful in their future math classes. If you are struggling to help your students retain algebra concepts then this is for you. 

There is a better way to teach expressions and equations than by a set of rules, songs, or algorithms without meaning. Using algebra tiles is definitely one of the most effect ways to teach your middle school math students different algebra concepts, like expressions and equations. 

Algebra tiles are tiles that are used as manipulatives to teach simplifying expressions, solving equations, substituting, factoring, systems of equations and more. They are a powerful tool in mathematics education. The use of algebra tiles often leads to a stronger foundation of the algebraic concepts.

Here are five benefits of using algebra tiles in your classroom.

1 - Hands-on learning: 

As students use manipulatives in the math classroom, their engagement and understanding increases. The use of manipulatives allows students to see concrete models of basic algebra concept such as: linear equations, zero pairs, expressions and more. 

2 - Visualization: 

Students are able to visualize the mathematical concepts. The abstract concepts become visual.

3 - Concrete to abstract

Teaching concrete to abstract is key to help students retain the mathematical concepts and transfer their learning to other mathematical concepts.

4- Problem-solving: 

Instead of being overwhelmed by the mathematical concepts, students can break down the expression or equation into simpler parts.  

5 - Development of mathematical reasoning: 

Students can reason through the expression or equation and make sense of the mathematical processes.

There is a learning curve to effectively use algebra tiles in your classroom. There are strategies that you need to use in order to get the most out of them and overcome the challenges out algebra tiles in the classroom.

Algebra Tiles Academy will teach your those strategies so you can help your middle school math students building a strong Algebra foundation.

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